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Ilka Flegel
Nussbergweg 6
D - 99510 Kapellendorf
T +49 (0) 36425 20068
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Ilka Flegel

Physicist and science writer

How to combine a French “baccalauréat”, a German physics diploma and a gift for languages?
That was the idea behind the “Textlabor” – the ideal way for me to unite language skills and scientific competence, to reconcile science and communications.


Born in Geneva, Switzerland

French A levels (Baccalauréat Série C)

Physics studies at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
- Research stays at BESSY, synchrotron radiation facility in Berlin, and CERN, European laboratory for particle physics in Geneva

Employee at the press and public relations department of the DESY research centre in Hamburg, Germany (particle physics and photon science)

“Textlabor” founded in 1998; working as a freelance science writer and editor ever since

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