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Ilka Flegel
Nussbergweg 6
D - 99510 Kapellendorf
T +49 (0) 36425 20068
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And beyond

And beyond...

Beyond my activities as a science writer and editor, I am involved in the following projects.

Kurz- und Kleinkunstbühne Jena Napoléon

Since 2004, I have been participating in the open-air summer plays of the cabaret Kurz- und Kleinkunstbühne Jena in the Kapellendorf castle.

  • Productions
  • Ein Sommernachtsrausch (2023): fairy, goblin, choir and ballet
  • Jedermann oder Das murrende Volk dreht am Rad (2022): craftswoman, Faith, lover No. 2, choir and ballet
  • Theater auf dem Olymp oder Götter sind auch nur Menschen (2021): Athena, Ares, muse, choir and ballet
  • Dirty Disdancing oder Bleiben wir mal gelassen (2020): choir und ballet, light saber show
  • Mach' nicht so'n Theater oder Der Countdown läuft (2019): environmentalist, moth, oxygen atom, choir and ballet
  • Da wo der Rost brennt – Ein Heimatmusical (2018): drums and keyboard; nerd, tango dancer, choir and ballet
  • Funny Boys – Zwei Friedenspfeifen kehren zurück (2017): construction worker, saloon lady, squaw, environmentalist
  • Voices of History (2015): soldier, messenger, nun, maidservant, ambassador
  • Faust III (2014): angel, witch, research assistant, choir and ballet
  • Der Fluch mit dem Ring (2013): reporter, mermaid, money launderer, Erda, Walkyrie, Norn, choir and ballet
  • Think! (2012): scientific advisor; choir and ballet
  • Showbiss (2011): vampire
  • Die Kunst der Verführung oder Don Juan packt aus (2010): groupie of Don Juan, choir and ballet
  • Cabaret de Malheur (2009): clown, choir and ballet
  • Der Herr der Dinge – Ein Sommer-Klima-Spektakel (2007/2008): scientific advisor; shaman on horseback
  • Napoleon – Ein Schlachtfest (2006): French cavalry officer, nurse
  • Siegfried (2004/2005): squire
Further information:
Cabaret Kurz- und Kleinkunstbühne Jena
Kapellendorf castle

Philippe Karl, Ecole de Légèreté Schule der Légèreté

Since 1998, I have been interpreting and translating clinics, lectures, books, DVDs and articles of French riding master Philippe Karl. I am also editing his website.

Philippe Karl was a member of the renowned Cadre Noir, the French elite riding school in Saumur, for 13 years. His riding philosophy of Légèreté (French for lightness) stands in stark opposition to the rough dressage methods that prevail nowadays almost everywhere in the riding scene.
The Ecole de Légèreté is founded on the absolute respect of the horse. The philosophy of Légèreté therefore excludes any use of force or coercive artificial aids. Thanks to its understandable and reliable training plan that fully respects the nature of the horse, it allows any seriously motivated rider access to High School equitation, even with a perfectly ordinary horse.

Further information:
Ecole de Légèreté
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